Jodine Stodart

Jodine Stodart
  • Business Director at Digital Arts Network
  • Auckland, New Zealand

Jodine has 18 years experience working in digital and is immersed in UX practice day to day both from a coaching and mentoring perspective and also hands on in project, leading client and internal teams towards project results. Her expertise is across a broad range of UX methods, including UX strategy and design and Jodine has spoken at UXNZ and UX Singapore in the last few years. Currently a Business and UX Director at Digital Arts Network, Jodine enjoys navigating through novel problems in the UX / CX space applying and adapting the tools as she goes. Hit her up on Twitter @jUXposition, or find her helping out on UX Meetup Auckland once a month.


Attack of the 10 Foot Customer Journey Map: Crafting an Easy to Follow Visual Narrative from Disparate Data Sources

Sometimes to tell a convincing customer experience story you have to go big. Size matters when you want to communicate a compelling narrative that spans more than 10 phases across front stage customer experience and backstage customer service and marketing comms. Using a project case study at a high level, this talk will walk through the process and outcomes of journey mapping.

Consolidating the insights from 45 research docs and 11 interviews we formed a monster journey map that contained key data, channels, touch points, pain points and opportunities. We terrified the designer with a giant wall of 100 post-its to be translated into a beautiful, easy to follow artefact that was plan printed onto a roll of glossy paper 10 feet long.

We impressed and intimidated our stakeholders with the number of post-its on wall, and sheer size of the artefact. We then walked them through a crafted narrative that told a compelling horror story of what it's like to be a customer so that everyone felt their pain. We then helped the stakeholders resolve the pain with a series of workshop exercises to engage them in the map contents and emerge with implementable solutions.

Customer Journey Mapping is a fantastic tool for many businesses to gain a cross-organisational view of the customer experience and a holistic view of the customer. Maps help inform decision making on roadmaps that ideally lead to improved consistency and flow when customers interact with your products and services.

Learn about what makes a good journey map, what to avoid, and how to engage your stakeholders in the end artefact so it stays alive within the business after it has been created.

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