Greg Nudelman

Greg Nudelman
  • Head of UX Research at GE Oil & Gas
  • Pleasanton, CA, USA

Greg is the Head of UX Research at GE Digital Oil and Gas, innovating through rapid prototyping as part of the Lean UX Agile process. Currently, he is designing industrial internet applications leveraging the Predix platform for IoT analytics and data visualizations. Greg has 21 years of experience designing and building digital products with over 60 conference presentations and workshops in 14 countries. Greg authored 4 UX books: $1 Prototype: A Modern Approach to UX Design and Rapid Innovation; Android Design Patterns: Interaction Design Solutions for Developers; Smashing Mobile Book (co-authored); Designing Search: UX Strategies for eCommerce Success. Greg's 5th book: Lean UX Playbook: 40 Strategies for Agile Digital Product Teams, is slated for release in 2017. More info at


Lean UX Playbook: 10 Practical Tips

Everyone in the UX community is interested in the best ways to “run lean.” But many of the techniques taught by leading consultants often don’t yield the results you’d expect. And other techniques simply don’t stick in large, complex organizations, especially those traditionally dominated by engineering. How does a UXer maintain customer focus and effectively translate his effort into product and service experience excellence, all without losing his mind? In this talk, a 4-time UX book author and veteran consultant-turned Sr. UX Director shares hard-won practical techniques of applying the idea of “running lean” in complex organizations like Cisco and GE.

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