Dave Hockly

Dave Hockly
  • Analytics Specialist at Springload
  • Wellington, New Zealand

Dave Hockly, analytics specialist at Springload, measures digital marketing efforts and applies data-driven insights to grow businesses. Dave has helped drive and convert hundreds of thousands of website visitors through conversion rate optimisation, search engine marketing and search engine optimisation. Dave has worked with over 25 companies including Kiwibank, Harcourts, Flick Electric, Wellington Airport, and New Zealand Red Cross. Other clients include an international software company, and Australian e-commerce and retail store, blogs, services and products.


The Fun Is Just Beginning: How to Measure and Improve Your UX Post Go-live

You’ve done your customer research, competitor analysis, data analysis, strategising, sketching, wireframing, user testing, gone through sprints, legal, stakeholders, flaming hula-hoops, building, amending and you’re about to publish... so much UX love is about to go live!

You publish, fix a couple of bugs, and go have beers! Woohoo!

But you’re not finished yet. Now comes the chance to yield the biggest and easiest wins on the project: post go-live optimisation.

Up until now, you’ve researched what you and your customers think will work. You think you understand your customers’ goals, you’ve researched to know what’s frustrating and driving customers, you’ve tested to see how well your product works, but until it’s in the wild performance will only ever be an assumption.

This talk is going to teach you to measure and improve your UX post go-live​. Why? Because as UX’ers we care about people – real people – with feeling and frustrations, hopes, fears and dreams. We want them to have the best experience they can possibly have. For many of us, pre-launch research is enough, but to make the biggest impacts on usability and performance post go-live is where we need to focus.

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