Amy Stoks

Amy Stoks
  • Senior Experience Designer at PwC's Experience Centre
  • Wellington, New Zealand

Amy started her career translating thick policy PDFs into pithy web pages before falling hard for human-centred design. Now she champions the benefits of taking a human-centred approach for all sorts of products, services and processes, in all sorts of organisations. For someone who doesn’t talk very much, she manages to bang on an awful lot about empathy, listening well and collaborating fully.


Human-centred from the Inside Out: Designing Content That Works for Everybody

Human-centred design helps more than just the people using websites - it helps the people making the websites too. To upgrade the website, Amy and Tania had to get a lot of content written in a short amount of time. They had heaps of content owners to talk to and needed to get them on board with a new content strategy and sign-off new content - fast. The usual story!

They knew they were going to be customer-centric about what went on the website, but what would it mean if they were human-centred about producing the content within the organisation?

Find out how they used a sprint-based, pair writing approach that worked for writers and content owners alike…and ended up writing some really good content.

Tania and Amy will talk about:

  • How they worked their content production into their design sprints
  • What a pair writing approach looks like and why it works
  • How to really involve content owners and get them thinking about user needs
  • What they learned from working like this and [spoiler alert!] why they can never go back to writing content the old way
  • Tools and tips for running a process like this.

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Tania Hockings
  • Senior Digital Content Advisor at ACC
  • Wellington, New Zealand