Alessandra Millar

Alessandra Millar
  • User Experience Researcher at Google
  • London, United Kingdom

Alessandra is a user researcher at Google working on the international research team, helping to make sure Maps and Search work for the Next Billion Users. She’s an experienced researcher, having conducted studies in India, Indonesia, Brazil, the Philippines, Nigeria and Mexico, and is passionate about making sure that the needs and challenges of people from all around the world are heard.


International User Research at Google

International research can be a challenging but critical task for UX teams, with big implications for your business. This talk looks at why and how we do international research on the Maps and Search team at Google. Why is it important to do international research? How do we make sure people designing and building Google products care about people who may not even own a smartphone yet? How do we highlight differences and similarities between cultures? The talk will share practical international research tips, as well as tales from the field. Come find out more about user research at Google in India, Indonesia, Brazil, Nigeria and more!