Building alignment using customer centricity metrics


Wednesday, 30 October
1.30pm - 5:00pm
Te Papa


Anyone interested in building a clear vision and aligning teams towards a customer-centric goals or metrics, especially UX and product design leaders, startup founders or visionaries, product owners or product managers.




Have you ever felt like there’s no clear vision and strategy in your team or organisation? Are you constantly being bombarded by competing ideas, feedback, and priorities? Are you wondering why you are spending time and effort on initiatives that may not have clear a customer benefit?

Running a customer centricity diagnosis and roadmapping workshop can be really helpful in these situations to pause, increase cross-functional and stakeholder collaboration and provide inspiration and clarity for the team.

This half-day workshop consists of hands-on activities, group discussion, and real-life examples. It will give you the skills, tools, and techniques required to run meaningful customer centricity diagnosis and roadmapping workshops within your organisation - no matter if it’s a start-up, small business, or large corporate.

We’ll cover how you can help product teams evaluate the current state (diagnosis), identify the customer-centricity metrics that matter (defining success metrics), imagine the future state (envisioning), and be analytical when prioritising activities and features (planning).

At the end of the workshop, you will receive your own copy of the diagnosis and roadmapping workshop toolkit and templates for creating your own roadmap and customer-centricity dashboard, so you can easily prepare and run this type of sessions within your organisation.

  • The value of running customer-centricity diagnosis and roadmapping workshops
  • When and how running a diagnosis and roadmapping workshop can be useful
  • How to prepare and run the workshops and common activities involved
  • How to use the workshop outcomes to guide the team and track their progress over time
  • How to summarise the outcomes into a visual roadmap for your team
  • How to design a customer-centricity dashboard to track your key metrics and progress over time.

Loletta Cheng is an experience/service designer and a registered psychologist, currently working at Qantas in Sydney. She has a master’s in organisational psychology, is passionate about uncovering the reasons why people behave the way they do and enjoys the enlightenment moments in the research process. She has 5 years of experience in user research and UX design, has worked as a mentor at Academy Xi Sydney and has delivered UX training, coaching and mentoring programs for clients from a range of industries, including banking, entertainment and NFPs.


Elena Sanchez is a UX design lead at MYOB, Google Expert in UX/Product Strategy and Certified Design Sprint Master based in Melbourne (Australia). She is passionate about design leadership, building more human-centred organisations and fostering collaboration across different disciplines. She has more than 9 years of experience working in UX across Europe, the US and Australia. She received a master’s degree in human-computer interaction in 2010, has participated in HCI research projects, enjoys teaching UX courses, workshops, and often speaks at UX events and conferences.


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