Stephanie Wilson

Analyst Team Lead at Xero / Wellington, New Zealand

From A to UX

At Xero we wanted design embedded in pods to deliver experiences rather than features and to produce quality outcomes. This is all easier said than done.

The journey from idea to fruition has been a challenging but rewarding one. Many people had strongly held beliefs about how things 'should' be done and what they thought was best based on opinion and previous experience.

In this talk I want to explore the journey from a fixed (A) mindset, to a growth (UX) mindset where ideas were challenged, perceptions changed and the motivator and instigators that helped this along the way.

Change is hard, but it's possible. What can we do to ensure that we not only learn from previous mistakes but also have the courage and resolve not to repeat them?

Working in IT for the best part of the last 10 years, Stephanie has a background in customer service and testing focused on usability, and acceptance testing. Her passion has always been making sure systems are not only fit for use, but also fit for purpose. In the past three years, Stephanie's focus has moved from the what to the how and the why, which is both interesting and complex...or perhaps interesting because it is complex.

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