Stacey Seronick

Content Strategist at Wells Fargo Bank / San Francisco, CA, United States

The Revival of the Renaissance Worker: The UX Generalist

The industrialized world has long been moving towards an ever-narrowing specialization of skills in the workplace. Fortunately, the notions of user-centered design and focusing on the customer's experience have grown less radical as businesses see the bumps in their bottom lines when they design and deploy with the customer in mind. With this, comes the need for UX Generalists — those who are master of one skill and darn good at a few others.

During my talk, I will briefly cover the "why" and get into more detail on the "how" of becoming a UX Generalist:

  • Building a t-shaped skill set
  • Stretching your creative juices
  • Using empathy exercises for internal and customer success
  • Activities to use with your internal partners and stakeholders to show that we're all designers and we're all users

Having spent nearly 20 years in the world of designing, writing for, and managing digital experiences, Stacey Seronick is an accomplished UX generalist, who has held every title in the department. Some of her other adventures have included managing an independent record label and booking agency, designing a line of haute couture latex clothing, and attempting to write The Great American Novel for the last 30 years.