Shane Goodwin

Senior UX Designer at Jade Software / Christchurch, New Zealand

Virtual Reality: More real than virtual

There is something that is totally, completely real about virtual reality experiences. Watch a few people experience VR and you’ll see their experiences are more real to them than any interaction through a desktop or mobile screen. VR isn’t “virtual”; operating through a screen is! And until now, our context for UI design has had one thing in common: we were designing for 2D screens.

Today, that context has changed; tomorrow, it’s going to be 3D as well as 2D. We have to start taking our current experiences and goals and relating to them in a new way -— VR and AR are the new mobile revolution. We’re not designing for one or the other; we’re designing for both.

This talk is about how we’re tackling learning to design and build cross-context, enterprise-scale solutions. The focus isn’t just what are good design patterns, although that’s part of the journey. We’re talking how do you wireframe or prototype for VR? What does user testing look like? How do you deliver a spec, or show your stakeholders before you actually build it? Although we’re just starting on this journey, we’re already learning interesting stuff, and getting excited about the opportunities ahead.

Shane has been sketching, developing, imagining, breaking, and making products for the last 18 years. He has worked on physical and digital products from medical imaging, mobility and ecommerce through to finance, energy and insurance. His passion is people, beginning, middle and end, inside and outside, throughout the whole shebang.

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