Matt Gould

UX Designer at Lushai / Auckland, New Zealand

UX Car Crash: What we can learn from the agonizing defeats and spectacular triumphs of people's first attempts at UX design

Over the last couple of years I've taken over a hundred people from different professional backgrounds through their first experience of user experience design through running a brutal one-day UX crash course. This course has given me a high volume pressure cooked view of how UX is perceived, different people's first instincts when faced with a design problem and how they react when faced with UX orthodoxies such as user-centered design.

This talk shares the things I've learned through watching these first tentative (or swaggering, depending on the individual) steps into UX and offers some ideas about what we can learn from their hard won victories and glorious failures.

Matt is the Auckland Director of user experience design agency Lushai and co-founder of the UX Homegrown conference and UX training organization UX Gym. He is an experienced (aka old) user experience consultant with a history of successfully employing user-centered design processes in a variety of sectors to develop design strategy, and compelling interactive experiences and service design solutions.