Jina Bolton

Lead Designer, Design Systems at Salesforce / San Francisco, CA, United States

Designing a Design System

Product design for both web and mobile is evolving at a fast pace. As the range of devices and platforms continues to expand, so do the various design considerations. Design systems help a design team build a framework that meets their needs by bringing together all of the critical design components — including style guides, pattern and UI libraries, CSS frameworks and other resources.

In this session, I will share:

  • Strategies for how to approach, design and build an effective design system
  • How to successfully maintain the system to ensure ongoing usefulness
  • Elements that design systems need in order to be sustainable that are critical for success

Jina created her first style guide in 2004, and since then she has grown to be a designer, developer, writer, and speaker on design systems. Currently the Lead Designer on the Lightning Design System at Salesforce, Jina has also created the Design Systems Slack which led her to start the San Francisco Design System Coalition. Additionally, she is active in the Sass community and leads both its brand and website. Jina’s love and passion for design helped her to organize Clarity — the first ever design systems conference. She organizes The Mixin, a front end meetup which has hosted talks by some of the most prominent members of the CSS/Sass community, and recently took ownership of Sass News.

In the past, Jina has been a tech editor for Dan Cederholm’s Sass for Web Designers, and worked at a number of companies including Apple, GitHub, Engine Yard, and Crush + Lovely. She co-authored two books, Fancy Form Design and The Art & Science of CSS.

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