Jason CranfordTeague

Chief Experience Officer at The CranfordTeague Group / Washington DC, United States

Temporal Design: Thinking in Space and Time

Companies are currently embracing the idea of design thinking, but a user’s experience goes beyond simple visuals and pretty pictures. Design is how it all fits and works together. Your teams can't simply think about the single interaction with a product; instead they need to focus on your customers' experience with your product over time.

Temporal design means thinking of not only the visual (static) and interactive (dynamic) needs but also change, progression, control and context as well. This is something lacking in most 'interactive' design today.

In this session I will walk you through:

  • How to apply the concepts of experience design thinking to product development
  • Using temporal prototyping to see how your designs work as well as look
  • How your teams can work together to define the best experiences and test your goals for real results.

Jason designed the first web based magazine, Computer Mediated Communications, in 1994 and has been at the forefront of digital innovation ever since. An author as well as a Chief Experience Officer, Jason wrote the first book for designers on Cascading Style Sheets in 1996 and the first book on modern web typography in 2009. His experience in the industry spans many large and notable projects, including being the lead designer on WebMD when it launched in 1998 and building the first online interactive comic book reader in 2006.

Jason is the co-founder and lead creative at The CranfordTeague Group, which specializes in digital communication strategies. He’s also working on Invisible Jets, a start-up company that wants to revolutionize how we trust each other online. Currently, Jason is finishing work on a new book, The NEW Web Typography, with Stephen Boss (Spring '16) and has written several other books and dozens of articles for print and online publications over the last 20 years.

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