Diego Cibils

Co-founder & CEO, KONA / Montevideo, Uruguay

Are you designing UX for bots already?

Bots are here. They are everywhere. You can now ask Amazon Echo or Google Now to order a pizza and talk to other bots.

In an era where we touch our screens to command our apps, we’re now starting to talk to our devices to make things happen.

This new paradigm imposes new ways and standards for human and machine interactions.

We know how to design mobile and web apps. But how do we design UX for bots?

Diego is a software engineer, techie, co-founder, CEO, ultra-marathon runner, Ironman finisher and a drum player in progress. Half of his family lives in San Francisco. Together with his wife, he likes to travel around the world as much as he can. Diego makes things happen, whatever it takes.

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