Dan Ramsden

Creative Director for UX architecture at BBC / Sheffield, United Kingdom

Mind the gaps - Time and Space in Information architecture

In a perfect world the web would be made of small pieces, loosely joined. However, even this perfect world implies there will be gaps.

It’s impossible to get rid of all the gaps — spaces between the places we make. This talk is about being mindful of the gaps, instead of just ignoring them.

I’ll dive into the following:

  • How hierarchies set up one way of thinking about information architecture, and how there are other shapes out there to explore.
  • The limits of domain-driven design.
  • How strategic design and bounded contexts create challenges when designing cross-product services, plus some practical techniques to overcome these.

Experiences are about more than just the structures that contain them. Time is sometimes the missing element we fail to consider in UX design. This talk will justify the importance of considering time and share some practical tools for how you can do it.

As Creative Director for UX architecture (UXA) at the BBC, Dan leads a team of IA specialists. He’s responsible for defining the professional practice of UXA at the BBC and ensuring that the company is creating information architecture that delivers the best possible experiences to its audiences. Dan has previously worked for agencies and ran a theatre company. He now designs labels, vocabularies, URLs, navigation, strategies and processes. He tries to create digital experiences that feel just as intuitive to explore and enjoy as the most delightful places in the real world, but make the most of the potential of digital technology. Dan lives just outside Sheffield (UK) with a wife, a child and a cat called Rosa.

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