Cornelius Rachieru

Managing Director at Ampli2de, and conference manager at CanUX / Ottawa, Canada

Designers are from Mars, BA's are from Venus

Today, designers are constantly bombarded with polarizing conversations about "getting design to the C-level table" when all they actually care about is working with their project's immediate business counterparts. Project managers are also increasingly struggling with ongoing conflict between experience designers and business analysts (BAs).

This is the reality of our business world, and designers (especially those who are relatively new to our profession) have a hard time finding a way to equip themselves with the tools that will make them ideal partners of the business. This presentation will expose what designers and BAs can do to work together more efficiently, the factors that influence their working relationship on large scale projects and the common perception (and misunderstanding) between those two camps.

I will also review how design decisions should be made and why designers should not (usually) lose an argument over such decisions with business analysts (this may even have something to do with Jedi mind tricks).

Cornelius is Managing Director and UX Lead at Canadian UX consultancy Ampli2de Inc., and is also the founder, co-chair and lead curator of CanUX — Canada's largest and longest running UX event.

Over the past 15 years, he’s specialized in managing large enterprise scale transformational UX projects while leading the UX practices at Deloitte Canada and Shaw, one of Canada's largest telecommunications companies.

Meanwhile, Cornelius has also provided guidance to senior management/board of directors with respect to overall UX strategy and implementation.

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