Ania Mastalerz

User Researcher, Optimal Workshop / Wellington, New Zealand

Researching the Researchers

As more and more organizations move to a human-centered approach for improving their products and services, UX research is concurrently moving from being a “nice to have” to an essential part of product creation and ideation.

As part of the new User Research team at Optimal Workshop, I’ve had the unique opportunity to research the researchers, gaining an inside perspective into how other UX researchers conduct their work across different industries.

Drawing from my early experiences, and the insights generated from others in the field, I will discuss:

  • some of the many interesting things I’ve learned as a researcher at Optimal Workshop
  • how researchers and organizations can better work together, with some key takeaways for each party
  • and how to make the most of user research and what it can offer.

Ania is a User Researcher at Optimal Workshop. She’s a strong advocate for human-centered design and has a passion for qualitative research. She started her career as a Questionnaire Designer at Statistics New Zealand, designing and testing online census forms. With a background in applied psychology, she’s inspired by the links between technology, design and human behavior. She’s in love with living in Wellington, but would trade a long black for a plate of pierogi in her hometown of Warsaw any day.

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